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Let Your Yoga Dance!

Hi Friends,

I've missed you! Hope you had a sweet summer of love and fun with friends & family. Bob and I have enjoyed many days watching our baby granddaughter learn to sit up, push up, crawl, and explore becoming bipedal. Babies are natural yogis -- so flexible, curious, and open-minded in making sense of an inherently wild, wide, and wondrous world. As we age, we can get stiff and stuck in our patterns, even rigid in our bodies and outlook. I invite you to return to the dance of yoga with a "beginner's mind" to explore the joy of movement and embodiment with an open heart.

Our practice of Let Your Yoga Dance is appropriate for all ages, bodies, and abilities. Invite your friends and loved ones to join the fun. Moving with music is like a "spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down" as we stretch our muscles, and strengthen our bones, core, and balance while boosting our brains, energy, and heart health. All good!

I hope you enjoy this Labor Day holiday. Indeed, it is worth celebrating our work in the world, and remembering that all humans deserve not only the support needed to survive, but also access to the beauty, art, and simple pleasures that we all need to thrive! Give us bread, but give us roses too! Amen, sisters.

With love and appreciation,



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