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5 yoga students are in a seated twist pose

Yoga For Every Body

We offer a variety of classes focused on yoga, meditation, family practices, pilates, fitness, and more. Browse our schedule to find a class that's exactly what your body needs.

Featured Classes This Week

Pregnant Yoga


Sundays @4:00pm

with Pia

This Prenatal Yoga class focuses on movement, breathing, and guided meditations to help pregnant people step out of the momentum of day-to-day life to connect with their own amazing bodies and growing babies. Poses are suitable for all trimesters. No prior yoga experience is needed for this welcoming class.


Gentle Yoga

Mondays @7:45pm

with Angelique

Gentle Yoga integrates therapeutically-oriented principles of alignment into gentle muscle toning and stretching, along with restorative postures, breath work, and meditation. Excellent for those working with injury, illness, or chronic pain or seeking a gentler class than Yoga I, or anyone needing a space to restore and relax.

A person in low lunge on a green mat. Image is zoomed in on both hands on either side of a left foot.

Yoga II

Saturdays @ 9:00am

with Joe

Our level 2 classes are for students with some yoga experience (at least one year). There are no other requirements for students other than some familiarity with the practices. All classes will explore a variety of asana (physical poses) and svadhyaya (self study). We will explore and play with plenty of support along the way.

Full Class Schedule

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