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Willow Street Yoga is one of the most established yoga studios in the DC area. We’ve been proudly bringing yoga teachings to our community for over 25 years.

a white woman and a white man, smiling with blond hair, are seated in a twist pose on a yoga mat

Our History

We began in 1994 when Suzie Hurley and Joanne Klick opened a small, single studio space on Willow Street in Takoma, DC. The studio hosted about 150 students and became a premier Anusara studio, well known throughout the country. In 1997, we had grown to 500 students so moved to our current location on Carroll Avenue in Takoma Park, MD. We started with one studio and expanded in 1998 and 2000 to add two additional studio spaces. In 2003, we opened two additional studio spaces in Silver Spring, MD and supported over 2000 students.

Joe, Suzie’s son, joined the WSY faculty in 1998 and purchased the studio in 2012. We separated from the Anusara brand at this time, but remain dedicated to sound and solid yoga instruction grounded in the larger philosophy, conscious body mechanics, and inclusivity.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, we reduced our physical presence and currently maintain two studios in Takoma Park. Our goal is to offer high-quality yoga and a beautiful space to gather and grow with our community.

Our Principles & Intentions

We aim to be an accessible and welcoming studio for anyone entering our doors through the use of inclusive language and practices that honor and respect each individual. We believe in life-long learning. When we make mistakes, we must own them and learn from them. Yoga is a practice that allows us to support ourselves and each other through movement, breath, meditation, rest, and above all else, compassion. 


We believe in/are committed to:


  • Authentic communication

  • Building connections

  • Providing an environment to thrive

  • Accessible practice

  • Honoring yogic traditions

To do this we...

  • Communicate transparently and honestly

  • Own and learn from our mistakes and missteps

  • Consciously build relationships within and outside our current community

  • Return to the seat of a learner to deepen our own understanding and learn new approaches

  • Incorporate yoga philosophy, seminal texts, science, and joy in all of our offerings

a white man in a red shirt is seated in front of a class of seated yoga students in takoma park, md
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