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Living Yoga

Living Yoga is an opportunity to come together with the power of intention, to learn, to grow, and to expand our experience from the power of our hearts.

About Living Yoga

At Willow Street Yoga Center, we are not only an accessible and inclusive neighborhood yoga studio but also a center for deeper study. We pride ourselves on our connection to the bigger philosophy of the yoga tradition. Living Yoga is one of our many expressions of this connection and is a great example of our philosophy of growing together.


Living Yoga expresses the work beyond the mat that yoga offers each of us. We ask our faculty to follow their hearts and to teach what truly lights them up. In our offerings, teachers will dive into specific topics that they want to share with our community. We invite all students of yoga - first-timers, long-term practitioners, and yoga teachers alike - to join in this deeper study. We hope you find the opportunity to join Living Yoga as one that supports your interests and connections to learning and being in community.


Welcome to our five-week yoga series with Joe, where you will learn how to access and move more effectively from your core body. By the end of the series, you will have a deeper understanding of how your body works and how to utilize its natural supports to increase strength and reduce painful patterns.

Sundays in February, 2-4pm

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