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Yoga Instructor Maria Elena Montero

María Elena

María Elena Montero (she/her) is a graduate of Willow Street Yoga Teacher Training. She first discovered yoga as a way to manage back pain, but quickly fell in love with the simple connection to breath. María Elena infuses joy, humor and strength in her practice and in her teaching, remembering that all you ever have to do is breathe. A bonafide hippie from Takoma Park, Maria Elena is an avid birder, as such, you'll always find her looking up.

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Meet María Elena!

What is your connection to Willow Street Yoga Center?

I started coming to Willow because a neighbor suggested I should try yoga for back pain. I continued my practice off-and-on for several years before I settled in to a dedicated practice and then took teacher training in 2018.

What is your connection to yoga?

I was immediately drawn to yoga through the invitation of nourishing a relationship to breath. Learning to be still and to find ease within myself was and continues to be key for my own wellness. Yoga is a priceless tool for me to connect with my breath and with my body, every day.

What do you love about teaching yoga?

I love challenging my students in every way. I like to say that if breath and movement and space and ease are languages, we are teaching our bodies to be multi-lingual. So, I hope I'm teaching my students how to communicate with their breath and with their bodies in ways that serve their wellness.

What do you want your students to know about you?

My students know I'm a bonafide hippie and goofball. What they might not know is I'm passionate about writing and have had several essays published and am currently finishing up a book called, of course, What I Learn from Birds. I've read a few passages to my class in savasana!

Practice with María Elena

Smooth Wake-up Flow

8:45-9:45am Sundays, online & in person

Aligned Vinyasa Flow

10:00-11:00am Sundays, online & in person

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