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5 yoga students are in a seated twist pose

Yoga For Every Body

We offer a variety of classes focused on yoga, meditation, family practices, pilates, fitness, and more. Browse our schedule to find a class that's exactly what your body needs.

Featured Classes

Yoga Instructor Maria Elena Montero

Smooth Wakeup Flow

Sundays @8:45am

with María Elena

Maria Elena calls her Sunday morning class "a yawn for the body."  A smooth, but active wake-up of our major muscle groups, Maria Elena leads the class in an energizing flow to welcome the day in strength, in ease, and in love with every part of ourselves.  C'mon legs ... and get to the mat for the best alarm ever.  Plus, you're likely to learn a little something about a feathered friend as your own Sunday morning takes flight.


Aligned Vinyasa Flow

Tuesdays @7:00pm

with Laura

In this class expect to transition from one pose to the next in a steady and slow manner while syncing with the breath and focusing on alignment to protect joints, strengthen muscles and create space in the body, mind and breath. Vinyasa offers stability and strength, as well as mindfulness and a challenge to stay present with the breath.


Sweet & Steady Flow

Fridays @ 11:00am

with Diana

Sweet and Steady Flow offers a low-key, balanced practice centered on breath-based movements. Students can expect an extra-long warm-up; a leisurely-paced practice that builds strength, flexibility, focus, and calm; and extra attention to breathing and meditation practices. This steadying practice benefits students of all levels, including beginners, but is not suited for students with acute injuries.

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