Emily Star

Emily Star seeks to help people feel empowered and at ease in their bodies, whether they are longtime yogis or brand new to mindful movement practice. In her one-on-one teaching, she leads students to find sustainable practices that work for them; in a group class, she'll guide you through a progressively-sequenced practice with a strong dose of movement variety - not your typical vinyasa class, but instead, a flowing practice that lights up muscles you didn't know you had to create yoga poses that feel more fully alive, and rest that feels more restful.

Emily began teaching in 2011 after taking a 200-hr training steeped in Kripalu and Prana Flow-style yoga, and has also studied prenatal yoga with April Puciata, Curvy Yoga with Anna Guest-Jelley, Prana Flow with Shiva Rea and Yin Yoga with Yael Flusberg. These days, she is particularly interested in borrowing techniques from pilates, strength training, and other movement practices to balance the emphasis that traditional yoga practice places on passive flexibility. To learn more and work one-on-one with Emily, visit www.alignmentinactionyoga.com .

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