You Are Not a Victim: Yoga for Survivors of Trauma and Anxiety w/Cheryl Kravitz

Survivors of medical trauma, abuse, disaster, accidents, or crime and people dealing with excessive anxiety can end up with wounds, physically and emotionally. To heal from trauma and manage anxiety, a connection must be made with mind and body. Numerous studies have shown that yoga programs designed specifically for this purpose – programs that include regulated breathing, controlled movement, and mindfulness practices – can have far-ranging benefits for any participant. Improvements have been shown in mental health (self-regulation, self-esteem) and physical health (better sleep, a reduction in gastric symptoms, and many other positive outcomes). All levels welcome.

Date, Time and Location

Sat, 2/2, 2:30-4:30p, in Takoma Park; FREE for people affected by the recent shutdown. Use code shutdown at checkout.

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