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a white woman assists a black woman in a lunch pose, workshops with renowned guests at Willow Street Yoga Center


Willow Street Yoga is excited to offer a variety of special events and workshops that expand the practice of yoga. Our teachers and world-renowned guests specialize in a variety of topics that encourage our community to learn and grow. Members receive 20% off workshop registrations!

Featured Workshops

Cultivate Inner Ground Yin & Breath work Healing (Hybrid)

with Kathy Rivera


Imagine spring as a blank canvas.  In this workshop, we'll guide you through a gentle yet powerful process to tap into your desires and plant the seeds of intention for the blossoming months ahead. The journey begins with a nourishing Yin Yoga practice focused on the Wood element, associated with Spring. Holding gentle postures for extended periods allows your body to surrender and release tension. This creates space for the transformative power of breath work healing.

Kathy will guide you through a guided breath work healing practice, creating a courageous and supportive space for exploration and release. A powerful technique as a key, unlocking any limiting beliefs or emotional baggage that might be holding you back. As you breathe and release, you'll experience a sense of renewal, allowing you to step forward with renewed clarity and purpose.

No prior experience is necessary. This workshop welcomes anyone seeking a transformative and rejuvenating experience to cultivate fertile ground for personal growth and blossom with the season.

This workshop is for you if you:

  • Seek to deepen your connection with you inner self

  • Sense you could use some release or clarity

  • Simply want to find a moment of peace and renewal

April 13th, 2024 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. 

Aligning with the Intelligence of the Body
with Joe Miller

the eight churnings.jpeg

Explore the Essence of You with Joe Miller. Embark on a transformative journey , exploring physical relationships, and realities that are already a fundamental part of your life but you’re so close too, a clear view can be elusive. In this workshop series, we will delve into the body across four sessions, each designed to empower understanding and harmonize body, mind, and spirit. 

April 14 @2-4pm - Part I: Feet, Ankles, Knees
April 28 @2-4pm - Part II: Hips and Lower Back
May 12 @2-4pm - Part III: Upper Back, Shoulders, and Neck
May 26 @2-4pm - Part IV: Whole body integration and movement

Whether you're facing physical challenges or seeking performance enhancement, explore the body's intricacies and their holistic connection. Reserve your spot now for a journey of self-discovery, vitality, and well-being!

Radiant Rhythms Ecstatic Dance

with Clara Fang

eugenia-maximova-DMxfqubQciA-unsplash (1).jpg

Radiant Rhythms Ecstatic Dance is an interactive immersive experience where everyone is invited to free expression through dance and movement. The goal is to get out of your head and get in touch with your body, surrender and let go of judgment. In ecstatic dance, we co-create a safe space to be our authentic selves. The benefits of ecstatic dance include: relieve stress and tension, mindfulness and relaxation, somatic healing, exercise and play, being our most authentic selves, community and connection.


No experience necessary! During the dance, there is no talking. This helps us to connect with our bodies and each other nonverbally. The result is often a trance-like and ecstatic experience.

All inclusive Space: All ages, genders, sexual orientation, and abilities welcome.  

Music: A mix of new age, worldbeat, tribal, EDM, trance, arranged in a dance wave, from slow to fast to slow. It is typically 50% non-lyrical.

What to bring: Water bottle, short sleeve, loose clothing, expect to get sweaty! Yoga mat (optional). 

May 4th, June 22nd, August 3rd, September 21st

| 6:45pm - 9 pm | In Person | $30/ $150

Shift Your Vibration

with Dante Baker


Have you ever asked, "What does raising your vibration mean?" Everything in our existence is in a constant state of vibration. Every bone, organ, and system of the body is in the form of vibration, and therefore it is putting out a frequency. Resonance is the normal healthy vibration of an object, and everything has a resonance frequency. The human body is like an extraordinary orchestra in that each cell plays in harmony with the one next. When the cells in the body are in a healthy state of resonance, then we call that sound health, and when they play out of harmony with each other, we call that dis-ease. In this workshop, we learn how to influence our frequency by practicing breathing exercises, meditations, and vocal toning. All these exercises will be accompanied by the melodic sounds of crystal singing bowls, antique metal singing bowls, wooden drone flutes, pan drums, and chimes. Sign up today and begin your journey to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit.

Sunday, April 7, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Full Workshop Schedule

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