New Year’s Evolution: Clear the Way, Set Your Course to a Luminous 2019

Hi, I’m Natalie, and I unabashedly love the New Year holidays.

(Not so much the stay-up-til-midnight New Year's Eve thing, actually.)

What I love is the turn from one year into the next.

I love my fresh new planner.

I love the peculiarity of writing "2019."

And I love making time to review & appreciate the year gone by

look at my lessons learned and revise my approach,

and create empowered intentions for making the most of my wild & precious life

in the New Year just arrived.

Join me in making the most of this pivotal moment with two inspiring, enlightening workshops.

Goodbye, 2018: Take What's Empowering and Leave the Rest

On New Year's Eve, we'll begin with a thorough review of the year just ending.

Our 12/31 workshop includes:

* Grounding, all-levels yoga practice to set the tone for solid self-reflection
* Peace and quiet to spend time with my New Year's Evolution workbook, which offers an array of year-in-review prompts
* Clarifying, creativity-sparking, wisdom-cultivating group coaching
* A closing ritual to let go of what we're done with, and open up to what's next.

Hello, 2019: Set the Stage for a Luminous New Year

On New Year's Day, we'll co-create a best beginning for 2019.

Our 1/1 workshop includes:

* Sweet, inspiring all-levels yoga practice to begin the year with a treat for body and soul
* Peace and quiet to spend time with my New Year's Evolution workbook, which offers an array of ways to create deep & effective intentions
* SoulCollage-inspired Vision Boarding - all materials included!
* A closing ritual to enter the New Year with courage and clarity.

These workshops are best taken together, and/but single-workshop registration is welcome, space-permitting.

Limited scholarship assistance is available; please write to to inquire.

Date, Time and Location

Goodbye, 2018: Take What’s Empowering and Leave the Rest: Mon Dec 31 2018, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM -- SS
Hello, 2019: Set the Stage for a Luminous New Year: Tue Jan 1 2019, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM -- SS

Registration Options

REGISTER Both Workshops: Early Bird — $250.00
REGISTER Both Workshops: After Dec 15 — $350.00
REGISTER Both Workshops: Everyday Practice or Weekly Plus Members — $195.00
REGISTER Single Workshop — $195.00


Natalie Miller teaches inspiring, artful classes that encourage students to love and honor their whole selves. Her teaching blends creative, fluid sequencing with precise alignment instruction, and helps students to cultivate deeper body awareness and develop self-kindness. With eloquence and humor, Natalie's classes inspire her students to use yoga for its best purposes: to be true to themselves, at peace with what is, and empowered in their own evolutions. In her Living Yoga programs, and as a life coach trained by Martha Beck, Natalie encourages students to create everyday lives in which they're free to be who they are and do what they love. Her own practice is grounded in the extraordinary everyday of mothering three girls, living in vibrant Takoma Park, and co-directing Willow Street Yoga with her husband, Joe. Learn more about Natalie at