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a white woman assists a black woman in a lunch pose, workshops with renowned guests at Willow Street Yoga Center


Willow Street Yoga is excited to offer a variety of special events and workshops that expand the practice of yoga. Our teachers and world-renowned guests specialize in a variety of topics that encourage our community to learn and grow. Members receive 20% off workshop registrations!

Featured Workshops

Dreaming with Courage

with Alyssa Fortune 

natalya-letunova-XwrPo8MWUGQ-unsplash (1).jpg

This workshop centers the importance of rest and meditation, offering space for our most creative selves. Daydreams and dreams in deep rest provide a state of consciousness that holds a sweet spot for creativity and much more. In this experience, there will be a 30 minute Nidra surrounding the word, courage. Gentle inquiries like: "what makes you feel courageous?", will be offered. Following the Nidra, there will be a creative expression session where participants will be invited to capture their feelings, dreams, or insights on courage, from the Nidra. They can write, draw, or doodle - however they’d like to express themselves.

Alyssa is an educator and yoga Nidra facilitator. She was introduced to yoga Nidra during a full moon circle at Eaton DC in 2019. That experience of deep relaxation set the tone for providing herself and others with the restorative benefits of Nidra. She became a certified teacher and facilitator in May 2022.


She believes yoga Nidra is more than a rest practice, it's a portal to limitless paths of exploration. It integrates body, mind, and spirit to arrive at deeper levels of relaxation and inner awareness. Most importantly, reclaiming the rest we deserve. It's her desire for others to be replenished, to experience ourselves in ease through a restorative yoga practice. Alyssa's offering, Roots of Rest, centers QTPOC, BBIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ folks with the sleep and healing benefits of yoga Nidra.

Saturday, June 29 | 1-3pm | $40. 

Aligning with the Intelligence of the Body
with Joe Miller

the eight churnings.jpeg

Explore the Essence of You with Joe Miller. Embark on a transformative journey , exploring physical relationships, and realities that are already a fundamental part of your life but you’re so close too, a clear view can be elusive. In this workshop series, we will delve into the body across four sessions, each designed to empower understanding and harmonize body, mind, and spirit. 

April 14 @2-4pm - Part I: Feet, Ankles, Knees
April 28 @2-4pm - Part II: Hips and Lower Back
May 12 @2-4pm - Part III: Upper Back, Shoulders, and Neck
May 26 @2-4pm - Part IV: Whole body integration and movement

Whether you're facing physical challenges or seeking performance enhancement, explore the body's intricacies and their holistic connection. Reserve your spot now for a journey of self-discovery, vitality, and well-being!

Radiant Rhythms Ecstatic Dance

with Clara Fang

eugenia-maximova-DMxfqubQciA-unsplash (1).jpg

Radiant Rhythms Ecstatic Dance is an interactive immersive experience where everyone is invited to free expression through dance and movement. The goal is to get out of your head and get in touch with your body, surrender and let go of judgment. In ecstatic dance, we co-create a safe space to be our authentic selves. The benefits of ecstatic dance include: relieve stress and tension, mindfulness and relaxation, somatic healing, exercise and play, being our most authentic selves, community and connection.


No experience necessary! During the dance, there is no talking. This helps us to connect with our bodies and each other nonverbally. The result is often a trance-like and ecstatic experience.

All inclusive Space: All ages, genders, sexual orientation, and abilities welcome.  

Music: A mix of new age, worldbeat, tribal, EDM, trance, arranged in a dance wave, from slow to fast to slow. It is typically 50% non-lyrical.

What to bring: Water bottle, short sleeve, loose clothing, expect to get sweaty! Yoga mat (optional). 

June 22nd, August 3rd, September 21st

| 6:45pm - 9 pm | In Person | $30/ $150

Deep Vitality and Resilience in Mind and Body: The Teachings of The Yoga Taravali

with Rod Stryker

004_3R1A3726_Sanctuary_DJP_Final (2).jpg

Rod Stryker is an author, teacher, and speaker. A world-renowned meditation teacher and yoga educator, he is the founder of ParaYoga®, the author of two books, including: The Four Desires and the soon-to-be-released Enlightened Sleep. He developed one of the most comprehensive online yoga programs in the world as well as the meditation app, Sanctuary. Rod has spent nearly 40 years sharing his study, knowledge and experience. He has mentored hundreds of teachers and thousands of students worldwide. Rod is known for his ability to translate ancient wisdom and to make life-changing practices accessible for modern audiences. He is father to four amazing souls and currently lives in Idaho.


*Note when you pay for a whole day you have access to both sessions for that day. There will be a break in between* 

Saturday September 14th - Session 1 | 9:30 – 12:30pm, Session 2 | 2:30 – 5:00pm 


Sunday September 15th - Session 3 | 9:30 – 12:30pm, Session 4 | 2:30 – 5:00pm 

Full Workshop Schedule

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