How To Teach Mindful Vinyasa Flow with Francesca Cervero

This training is for teachers whose initial trainings were in a style other than vinyasa yoga, but find they are gravitating towards towards teaching that style and want to learn a framework that allows them to teach vinyasa yoga more skillfully. The training will help hatha teachers bring more movement to their teaching, and will help vinyasa teachers bring more teaching into their movement.

Part 1
We will cover what is at the heart of a vinyasa yoga class, how to set a clear metronome, and how to cue breath in a supportive, not restrictive way. We will also have a short practice and begin to learn some vinyasa templates to make incorporating this style into your teaching more seamless.

Part 2
Part 2 will build on Part 1 and will cover different kinds of sequencing and how to offer modifications and variations within the context of movement. Teachers will also have an opportunity to practice teaching this style and build on the templates we learned in Part 1.

Date, Time and Location

Sat – Sun, Sept 7-8, 2019: 1:00–5:00p in Silver Spring

Registration Options

REGISTER $250, discounts available for Willow Street faculty