Yoga for Trauma and Anxiety with Cheryl Kravitz

“We are the authors of our lives, we write our own daring endings.” 
Dr. Brené Brown, Manifesto of the Brave and Brokenhearted 
We’ve all been there…. feeling overwhelmed, depressed and lonely. Triggers can come out of nowhere.The upcoming holidays might evoke painful memories. For some of us, symptoms of post-traumatic stress can rise. This workshop will solidify the connection between mind and body. We will include poses for healing, readings and breathwork. Please bring a journal to the workshop. Materials will be available for individual vision boards.
We are the authors of our own stories. We will work together and individually to empower ourselves and one another. You are not alone.
All levels of students are welcome to attend. 

Date, Time and Location

Sat, Feb 1, 2–5p, in Takoma Park

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