Kettlebell Turkish Get Up with Marvin King

The Kettlebell Turkish Get Up (TGU) is a formidable exercise and arguably the best tool in the Kettlebell arsenal for developing strength from the ground up. By comparison the Kettlebell 2ARM Swing is a “Yang” exercise when the TGU is a “Yin” exercise. So when done at Tai Chi speed (perfect for Yoga students) the TGU will challenge and stimulate all your muscle groups at the same time. Muscle balance, muscle symmetry, and overall muscle tone are some phenomenal benefits from doing the TGU. But even more important are the proprioception awareness and anti aging benefits that are developed by adding this technique to your strength tool box! For those kinesiology experts, the TGU stimulates and strengthened your bodies kinetic chain by connecting and balancing the large and small muscle groups. This systemic development is what helps you move with coordination, power, and grace!I can go on but why?

Come learn the proper way to do this incredible exercise (TGU) and become a better person for doing so!

Date, Time and Location

Saturday, 11/16, 1-3p, in Silver Spring

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REGISTER $40 ($30 early bird rate until Oct 31!)