Teens Can Defend Themselves! with Defend Yourself

Harassment, abuse, and assault: These things are scary, but you’re stronger than you know!

In this workshop, you’ll learn mental and physical skills that can help you deal with creepers, bullies, and more. We’ll cover:

– How to prevent and avoid harassment, attack, and abuse
– How to stay safe online
– How to stop a threatening situation with words
– Physical moves to use against common attacks

Anyone can do this! You don’t have to be an athlete or a martial artist to help yourself be safer.

Teens say:

“Inspiring! The class makes me feel comfortable addressing scary and uncomfortable situations.”

“Often abuse can start with words. I learned to set boundaries early on.”

For 13–15 year-olds. In Takoma Park. Contact Elizabeth (elizabeth@defendyourself.org) if you cannot afford the full fee.

Date, Time and Location

Saturday, 5/4, 2:30–5p, in Takoma Park