Sun-Style Tai Chi Chuan Workshop with Marvin King

Marvin King (RKC, NCSF, CPT, ACP), a Therapeutic Taiji (Qigong) Trainer certified with the United States Collegiate Taiji Federation (USCTF), will offer a 90-minute virtual workshop in the fundamentals of Sun-Style Tai Chi Chuan. Master Marvin King is a 45 year martial arts veteran well versed in the taoist understanding of Chinese martial arts. He is featured in “The Who’s Who in Martial Arts Legends and Pioneers Autobiography Book” and is an Ambassador member for the American Martial Arts Alliance Federation (AMAAF)

Grandmaster Sun Lutang created the Sun-Style of Tai Chi Chuan in the early 20th century. Sun-Style is the youngest of the 5 popular internal Chinese martial arts systems (Chen Style, Yang Style, Wu Style, Bagua Zhang, and Hsing-I Chuan). Grandmaster Sun was a very intelligent, dedicated, and talented martial arts student who believed in simplifying and spreading Chinese martial arts to the masses. His Sun-Style of Tai Chi Chuan incorporates elements of Bagua, Hsing-I, and Yin / Yang Qigong.

Sun-Style is characterized by small, agile, well coordinated graceful movements and does not emphasize low stances. The system is perfect for all ages and folks with a limited range of movement. If in the past you’ve felt that Tai Chi Chuan has been hard to learn, then your mind will be enlightened and most likely changed once you’ve given the Sun-Style a chance.

Date, Time and Location

Monday, 12/28, 7:00–8:30pm on Zoom

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