Stress Relief Saturday with Tuesday Irby

When we take the time to notice the connection between the quality of the breath, sensation in the body, patterns of thought and the state of our emotions, we are better equipped and prepared to look within and see ourselves in others.  We cannot heal the world around us if we do not take good care of ourselves.  Join Tuesday for a 90 minute session of self-care and Restorative Yoga designed to help heal your emotional and physical body.

Restorative poses designed for your comfort, rest and stress relief.  Every body and everybody is welcome. This is an all levels practice.

You will need a few props:

  • 2 yoga blocks or 2 large books
  • 3 blankets or 3 full size towels or 3 toss pillows from your couch
  • 1 bolster or 1 couch cushion or 2 bed pillows wrapped in a towel or throw blanket (to create firm support)
  • 1 yoga strap or 1 belt or 1 long scarf or 1 necktie

Zoom meeting links to the workshop will be sent out before the workshop begins. Please enroll at least twelve hours in advance.

Date, Time and Location

Saturdays, 8/22, 9/26, 10/24, 11/28, 12/26: 7:30–9pm

Registration Options

REGISTER each session: $15