Ayurveda for Relationships with Penny Diamanti

Join Penny for a workshop series to explore the how our doshas express in areas that may challenge the various relationships in our life. Our constitutions can affect how we relate to and approach decision making, planning, organization, and time management; careers and finances; affection, love, fidelity, sex and more.

Introduction to Ayurveda would be helpful, but is not required, for the following workshop sessions.

Ayurveda for Your Career

Sunday August 16th

Feeling stressed or out of place at work? Ayurveda can help you understand which jobs, careers, or professions are good fits for your unique constitution. Whether you are a young person planning ahead; mid-career contemplating a change—including starting your own business; or looking at part-time or volunteer work during retirement, this knowledge can help you make informed and auspicious choices. We’ll also talk about using Ayurveda to reduce stress, and increase cooperation, among people of different doshas (constitutions) on the job, and how to use Ayurvedic cycles to your advantage at work.

Ayurveda for Friends and Lovers

Sunday, September 13th

Harmonious relationships are so important to our long-term health and happiness. Through Ayurveda we can learn to understand ourselves, and the others in our lives, at an elemental level. We’ll look at compatibility and/or challenges in various doshic (constitutional) combinations as they relate to communication styles, habits and instinctual preferences around home life, work, food, travel, finances, emotions, intimacy, and shared activities of various kinds. Whether you are a couple, or a group of friends, planning to live, collaborate, or travel together, your journey will be much smoother if you take Ayurveda’s wisdom along for the ride.

Ayurveda for Parenting

Sunday, October 25th

Isn’t it amazing how children in the same family can be so different? As parents, grandparents or caregivers, you’ll learn how to identify each child’s unique Ayurvedic constitution, or Dosha, which will give you a wealth of information about how to keep the children and young teens in your care healthy and happy. We’ll cover their strengths and challenges including sleep habits, learning styles, sports and activities that will give them the best chance to shine, the most beneficial food choices, daily and seasonal routines, and more.

This workshop series will meet online; Zoom meeting links to the workshop will be sent out before the workshop begins. Please enroll at least 12 hours in advance.

All workshops meet  3–4:30pm online

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