We carry two types of standard mats:

Manduka EKO lite 4mm in 68”/71” – $78  https://www.manduka.com/products/eko-lite-yoga-mat-4mm?variant=31273316843578

Jade Harmony in 68” – $80 https://jadeyoga.com/collections/yoga-mats/products/harmony-mat?variant=1197671536

The links above should give you some idea of which mat you might prefer, but it is honestly a personal choice.  The primary difference between the two is that Manduka mats have an extra layer of rubber that is somewhat tighter “knit” on the top of the mat.  That makes it a little easier to clean, but it also makes it smoother, so it’s a little less grippy.  It’s honestly a personal preference, and we wish we could bring people samples to feel them before they pick but that won’t be possible given the current situation.  We do not have every color shown on those websites, but if you have a preference, let me know a couple of options and we will try to get you one as close to your request as possible.

We also carry travel mats from both brands:Maduka – $44

Jade – $65

We have both cork blocks ($24 each) and foam blocks ($22 each), both from Manduka.

And we carry straps in 6’ ($13) and 8’ ($16) lengths, also from Manduka

We also have a limited supply of flat and round Hugger Mugger bolsters – $76 each.

Once you pick, email our Boutique Manager to let us know what you would like and we will let you know the total.  Since we do not have the store online (yet!) well have you use our online registration website, Wellness Living, to purchase a gift card in the correct amount, and we will try to get you that mat within 24-36 hours.

Thanks so much for supporting Willow Street!

Mats are still 25% off for everyone and 30% off for Everyday Practice Members!