DELIVERY: We’re happy to deliver props purchased through Willow Street to locations within a 3 mile radius of either of our studios. The minimum purchase for free delivery is $45.  If you need a delivery and are outside either our minimum purchase or delivery range, contact us and we’ll see if we can ship/deliver to you for an additional cost.

PICK-UP: NEW! We are implementing a weekly pick up window for orders that are either under the minimum for delivery or for people outside our delivery range (or if you are just looking for a destination for your daily walk!).  It will be on Tuesdays 4-7pm outside the Takoma Park studio on 6930 Carroll Ave. Totally contact free – our staff person will be there, masked and socially distant, to check off that you picked up your bag!  Orders must be placed by Monday at 3pm to pick up that same week.

Manduka EKO lite 4mm in 68”/71” – $78

Jade Harmony in 68” – $80

Travel mats from both brands: Maduka – $44; Jade – $65

The links above should give you some idea of which mat you might prefer.  The primary difference between the two is that Manduka mats have an extra layer of rubber that is somewhat tighter “knit” on the top of the mat.  That makes it a little easier to clean, but it also makes it smoother, so it’s a little less grippy.  It is honestly a personal preference, and we wish we could bring people samples to feel them before they pick but that won’t be possible given the current situation.  We have many of the colors shown on these websites in stock, but cannot promise we have all colors available.  Please name 2-3 color preferences in order.  We have a limited supply of extra thick or long mats as well, so if you need one of those, let us know!

We also have cork blocks from Manduka – $24 each

foam blocks from Manduka – $22 each

straps from Manduka – in 6’ length – $ 13

straps from Manduka – 8 length’ – $16

Hugger Mugger bolsters – flat or round – $76 each (limited supply)

Woven Mexican blankets (striped), choose from grey, purple, green, blues, coral/pink or red – $25

Peace cushions for meditation (silk brocade in bright colors) – $58

Hugger mugger meditation cushions (solid color, limited supply) – $62

tennis balls – $2

spiky “hedgehogs” for fascial release – $8 (limited supply)

spiky “peanuts” for fascial release – $8 (limited supply

Eye pillows, scented or unscented – $16

Sandbags (limited supply) – Filled, $25, unfilled $16

Foam roller – $32

Correct toes (limited supply and sizes) – $69

Manduka mat Wash spray, varying scents – $5

Towels – please inquire, we have a wide variety

Once you pick, email our Boutique Manager  Rebecca ( to let us know what you would like and we will let you know the total (including sales tax), along with instructions to make the purchase through Wellness Living, our registration website. Deliveries are being made usually once or twice a week, depending on demand.

Thanks so much for supporting Willow Street!