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Hi All, What could be more important than celebrating the end of human slavery in America? Finally, there is a new national holiday to mark that moment: Juneteenth, the day 153 years ago when the enslaved people of Texas were finally freed, two-years after the Emancipation Proclamation. This Saturday we will be moving with the music of African American freedom to honor this step toward truth and reconciliation in our nation’s history, even as we recognize the hard, continuing struggle to achieve real liberty and justice for All. Henceforth, on Juneteenth, we will be dancing in the streets!

And please join me on Sunday in front of Willow Street Yoga studio for the free outdoor Let Your Yoga Dance class at 11:00 am. Again, we will be celebrating the official Juneteenth holiday and Father’s Day. You can pre register on Wellness Living or just show up. Bring a friend just for the joy of it.

With appreciation, Terri

I am moved by these young women telling the story of Juneteenth with dance. It turns the oppression of slavery into a powerful expression of human resilience and liberation.


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