I Want More: The Yoga of Desire, Pleasure & Agency with Melanie Williams

How does your current relationship with your body affect your experience of pleasure? When do you feel like you “have permission” to feel good? What do you find yourself wanting more of? Do you actually know what you want?

Many of us, particularly those of us in marginalized bodies, have experienced the demonization of our desires. It’s hard to avoid internalizing these messages, but doing so often limits our sense of choice. How can we free up more options, including those options we’d ultimately find most pleasurable? What tools does yoga have to offer us in our quest for agency? This workshop provides a forum to explore desire in a community setting, incorporating group discussion and ample opportunities to connect to your body and desires through adaptive movement practices that are suitable for all bodies and abilities. No prior yoga experience is required.

Date, Time and Location

Sat, Nov 16: 2:00–5:00p in Silver Spring

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