One-on-one at Willow Street

private lessons and life coaching + yoga

one-on-one at Willow Street

At Willow Street, we teachers are dedicated to giving students plenty of individual attention in our group classes. Sometimes, though, students choose a private session (or twelve!) in order more thoroughly to align their yoga with their intentions.

We offer two ways to do this: private yoga sessions, and individualized life coaching + yoga.

Why invest in private yoga sessions?

Private yoga sessions are 60 minutes of one-on-one instruction with a teacher who specializes in your area of interest. They usually involve a lot of on-the-mat practice, as well as plenty of time and space for you to ask questions.

You might like a private yoga session if:

* You’re new to yoga, or returning after a long lapse, and want individualized support as you learn the foundations of practice.

* You want help with a particular body project: improved posture, better balance, enhanced flexibility in a stubbornly inflexible area, post-pregnancy recovery, or even just smart stretches that complement your other athletic pursuits.

* You’ve been experiencing discomfort in a particular place in your body: low back, knees, shoulders, wrists, neck (maybe even all of the above!) You want to learn poses and alignment techniques that will ease your trouble, as well as ways to modify your practice to take better care of yourself in group classes.

* You want support in creating a personal practice (yoga, meditation, or both) that helps you bring yoga out of the studio and into your own home.

* You have interest in and questions around particular aspects of yoga practice:

  • clearer, customized instruction in poses that you’re not sure you’re “doing right”
  • practices that help to balance your mood
  • creating a more comfortable seat for meditation
  • incorporating chanting, yoga philosophy, or Ayurveda into your yoga practice
  • a more in-depth exploration of poses that intrigue you (arm balances! backbends! savasana!)

* You could just use a little extra support in your journey right now, and believe yoga and meditation could be helpful for you.


Why invest in yoga + life coaching?

Yoga and life coaching are excellent complements: they both help us to open to new possibilities, honor ourselves and our strengths and become more present and free in our everyday lives. Yoga + life coaching sessions are a 75 minute blend of yoga and guided self-inquiry: expect low-key, grounding yoga practice along with eye-opening, intuition-affirming life coaching.

You might like a yoga + life coaching session if:

* You want support through a big life transition – a shift in your career, relationship, or stage-of-life.

* You are ready to cultivate more ease in your relationship with yourself, and want to shift away from negative self-talk, perfectionism, overwork, or a mind that never stops running.

* You want to do more yoga, eat well, exercise, meditate . . . but don’t ever seem to “have time.”

* You want to enhance the connection with embodied wisdom you’re finding in yoga, and bring it more fully into your life.


I’m interested.

Great! Please email, and tell us (1) why you’re interested, or what you want to work on and (2) a few times of the day/week (Mon-Sun, 6a to 9p) you’re available for a session.  We’ll match you with a teacher or coach and get you started.