We’re proud to announce that we’re adding a low-cost mediation membership to our Willow Street offerings! Students can now join us for only $5 monthly to attend a host of meditation practices donated by our talented faculty! This membership will include access to our recordings library, as well as:

  • Meditation Mondays with Tuesday Irby, Mondays 12:30–1p, starting 2/15
  • Sitting Zazen Meditation with Rebecca Henry, Thursdays 10–10:30a, starting 2/11
  • Meditations with Carol Mermey, Fridays 5–5:30p starting 2/19
  • Relationship of the Breath, Mind, and Peace with Joe, Saturdays 9–9:30a, starting 2/6
  • Pranayama and Meditation with Suzie Hurley, Sundays, 4–4:40p, start date TBD

Sign-up for your Meditation Membership here!