A Mid-Year Reboot with Cheryl Kravitz & María Elena Montero

Ok, you had a New Year’s resolution. Remember that? Seems like a very long time ago. All shiny and new with the latest bells and whistles. Now, as we approach mid-year, that same resolution has broken down, needs a new engine, the transmission is blown, and all four tires are flat.

What are you saying to yourself? Are you trying to trade yourself in? Or, tirelessly diving in to polish and polish and more polish, trying to recapture the day, the moment when everything was going to be OK?

Let’s get together and fix your rear-view mirror. You’re looking forward, my friend. That’s the way you are headed.

Because … guess what … you are not your resolution. And you are not its failure or success. Learning to surrender to the power that is you and to the truth that you are enough takes practice, reminders, and, sometimes, help.

Cheryl Kravitz will lead us through a workshop where we’ll turn our minds toward the future. The past is just that. We will use our time to set a vision for the rest of the year, and, in the immortal words of Buzz Lightyear, “to infinity and beyond.”

María Elena will lead us through mindful practices (all levels) to connect with our inner joy, strengths, and passions.

Everyone welcome!

Date, Time and Location

Sat, 6/1, 2–4:30p, in Takoma Park

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