Awakening to Practice in May with Diana McCown  & María Elena Montero

 “…this practice is for ordinary people leading ordinary lives who wish to take up the extraordinary challenge of awakening to their true nature.” -Donna Farhi, Bringing Yoga to Life

Any google search on the benefits of yoga will automatically return many results specific to the positive impact on the physical body. There is no disputing the positive impact yoga has on the body, but yoga is so much more than asana (the physical poses)—its benefits extend far beyond the mat.

According to the 2012 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), a large proportion of the adults in the United States who practiced yoga noticed benefits in many areas of their lives.

– 86% said that practicing yoga reduced stress.
– 59% said that it improved their sleep.
– 67% said that they felt better emotionally.
– 39% said that yoga made it easier to cope with health problems.
– 82% said that it improved their overall health and made them feel better.
– 63% said that it motivated them to exercise more regularly.
– 43% said that it motivated them to eat healthier.

We recognize that yoga has a lot to offer, but still, sometimes, committing to practice can be challenging.

Maybe you aspire to have a daily or more consistent yoga practice but feel like you need some support getting started. Perhaps you are already practicing yoga off the mat and don’t realize it. Or would you benefit from a space to talk through what it means to practice yoga on and off the mat?

Diana and Maria Elena are both long-time students turned yoga teachers because of their desire to deepen their personal understanding and yoga practice. Both work full-time in addition to teaching yoga and have intimate knowledge of the challenges involved in building/maintaining a daily practice as well as invaluable benefits a regular practice has both on and off the mat.

Join Diana and Maria Elena in committing to build your practice this May.


We will spend the month of May diving deeper into the eight limbs of the yoga path: the yamas and niyamas (restraints and observances), asana (postures), pranayama (mindful breathing), pratyahara (turning inward), dharana (concentration), dhyna (meditation), and samadhi (surrender). Together, we will commit to attend at least three WSY group classes a week (on your own schedule) plus a Sunday group meeting. We will use Meditations from the Mat by Rolf Gates and Katerina Kenison as a text for a starting point for our Sunday discussion, asana, and meditation. We will meet for six weeks starting Sunday April 28, 2019.


We hope you’ll complete this program ready to commit to your yoga practice, and we want to encourage you to continue practicing with us! Willow Street Yoga would be honored to reward your commitment and completion of this program by continuing your Everyday Practice Membership into June (on the house)!

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Date, Time and Location

6 Sunday meetings, 5:00-6:30, April 28 – June 2 in Silver Spring

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