2019 Little Kids Offerings

Games, stories, songs and rhymes help little ones explore yoga poses, breathing techniques, and ways of being calm and centered-all at the appropriate level for their development.

Drop-in any time for $20, or purchase a Kids 12-Class Pass for a discounted rate of $200!

Little Kids Yoga (ages 5 and under)
Kids love yoga too! Children under the age of 5 (sibling exceptions considered) can come play, have fun, breathe, and learn self-control every Friday this summer from 11:15 – 12:00. Adults will accompany children in an exciting assortment of games, songs, yoga poses, and breath work.

  • w/Lori Wilen, Fridays, 11:15am–12pm in Takoma Park

Kids Yoga (ages 4–7)
Teachers use games, stories, songs and rhymes to explore different yoga poses, breathing techniques, and ways of being calm and centered. Each of our teachers has their own style, but your child’s class will likely include storytelling, singing, dancing, drawing and working with the other children in the class as they discover the various yoga poses. Children in Kids Yoga classes attend without caregivers.

2020 Tweens, Teens & Family Offerings

Tweens Yoga (ages 8–12) In this safe and supportive environment, the tweens yoga class helps children ages 8-12 learn techniques for reducing stress and connecting with their bodies in a loving way. Poses emphasize strength, flexibility and balance in bodies that are growing and changing each day. A playful practice that includes cooperative games, breathing exercises and guided relaxation builds a supportive community and adds to an overall sense of well-being, and provides tools that students can use in their daily lives outside of yoga class.

  • w/Amalie Malochee, Tuesdays, 5:15–6:15pm in Takoma Park (starts 1/14)

Everyday Mindfulness and Stress Management for Teens 
The stress of teen life is real, and so is the joy. Mindfulness is paying attention to ourselves and one another on purpose and with kindness. This class will include some guided mindfulness, movement, and relaxation exercises with time for sharing and laughter too. Proven stress reduction skills + community = lit.

  • w/Em Morrison, Sundays, 1–2pm in Takoma Park (starts 1/19–4/5 & 10/4–12/20)

Family Yoga Fun
Come one, come all to a fun, playful and movement-focused family yoga class at Willow Street Yoga in Takoma Park. Enjoy a variety of playful yoga experiences, mindful moments with your family, and ultimately the opportunity to connect in a different way as a family.

Note: Family Yoga Fun is $20 for each caregiver/child pair -or- Willow Street students can use any membership or pass. Additional family members (beyond the initial caregiver/child pair) are $5 each.

  • w/Lori Wilen, 3rd Sunday of each month, 11:15am–12:15pm in Takoma Park