Maria Hamburger

Maria has been studying yoga for two decades, after spending her youth as a professional modern dancer. Yoga has ignited her passion for movement, anatomy and self-expression along with her interest in living a life aligned with her heart and true nature. Maria’s classes explore the benefits of the ancient practice of yoga coupled with functional mobility inspiring others to live more confidently in the modern world. 

  Maria is a Certified Yoga instructor.  She teaches yoga full time to students of all abilities. Her classes are both physically and spiritually engaging.

In addition to weekly classes, Maria has co-taught numerous Teacher Trainings and Immersion programs. She also leads workshops and yoga retreats locally and internationally. She has a private practice where she works with musicians, students with injuries and Multiple Sclerosis as well as those who simply want to go deeper into their yoga practice. 

  Maria is a certified mobility specialist through Functional Range Conditioning, a technique for building and expanding functional movement through strength and control. Maria is also in the process of completing her Timani certification, a method for aiding musicians to physically play and thrive musically.

  Maria enjoys incorporating the myths, legends, and poetry of the yoga tradition into her classes as well as weaving in insight for healthy living drawn from her study of Ayurveda. 

You can get in touch with Maria through her website,