Diana Tokaji

Diana has been a writer and performer for 45 years (London, San Francisco, Washington DC), has taught yoga for 35 years (E-RYT 500) and is a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist since 1997, offering private sessions and workshops specifically oriented to women. She earned a Master of Science in Yoga Therapy in 2015 with the nation’s first graduating class, and is registered with the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Five years ago, a life-changing event took her education beyond what any formal training can offer, and she was forced to explore means of survival after an assault. The usual paths of yoga had precarious results, and she gradually developed and chronicled unexpected practices that helped create stability, at least moment to moment. These were documented in a self-case report and a professional article and are taught in her training for health and holistic health practitioners every year. (Willow Street Yoga will be this year’s host in December and January.) Diana has been keynote speaker for numerous conferences, including The William Wendt Center for Loss and Healing, Washington Psychological Association, The Writer’s Center, and yoga teacher training programs, presenting alternative insights into loss and trauma, and promoting our accessible supports—creativity, meaningful action, and interior wisdom. She guides this teaching through a strength-focused protocol that seems counter-intuitive but to survivors proves powerful. Diana is a poet, essayist, and author of four forthcoming books. Surviving Assault – Words that Rock & Quiet & Tell the Truth, is her first in print.