c René Washington

Cheryl René Washington aka c.René is a Certified Life Coach and owner of cReneCoach Services, specializing in helping highly motivated women transition to the life they envision. She’s also a Public Speaker, Desire Map Facilitator, BARE Certified Weight Coach, Vision Board Creation Leader, Art Lover, and Broadway FANatic.

c.René honed her coaching skills during a 27-year career with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama in various roles including Recruiter, Soft Skills Trainer, and Management Development Manager. It was in this last position that she solidified her stellar reputation as the go-to resource for coaching people to excel in place, make smooth career transitions, or deal with the reality of being in the wrong role.

Wanting the freedom of choosing her own clients and the flexibility to work from anywhere, she said goodbye to Corporate America, completed Martha Beck's* life-altering coaching certification program, started her business, and remains passionately excited about the successes of the dynamic women she coaches.

When not working, c.René is usually city-hiking with her husband, traveling the globe, or reading something enlightening. She can be contacted at cReneCoach@gmail.com, on her cReneCoach facebook page, or through her website: cReneCoach.com.

*Dr. Martha Beck is a world renowned life coach and columnist for O Magazine.