Johanna Olivas

Johanna is deeply passionate about yoga and subtle body energy healing. She is a Reiki Master, Sound Healer and a Crystalline Consicousness Technique practitioner.

Johanna fell in love with yoga a decade ago when she was first exposed to it at work through her employers self care program. She was quickly hooked! Years later she took prenatal yoga all throughout her pregnancy. It was the only thing she could do physically that could make her feel comfortable in her ever changing body during that time. She even took her yoga mat to labor and delivery, practicing pranayama and asana until she delivered her daughter --more than 30 hours of labor! her dedication to her yoga practice worked! A professional marketer by trade, she decided to take the leap and go to her first yoga teacher training to take a deeper dive into her practice. Yoga has been a foundational piece of her life, keeping her grounded in the most chaotic times and equally in the most blissful times and she’d like to share the powerfully transformational aspects of yoga with all of her students.