Access the Inner Knower to Act with Clarity with Martha Hare

As we launch into 2021, we are leaving a time of darkness (in more ways than one) and preparing for the return of light. This 2-1/2 hour workshop is for people who are interested in the interplay of inner development, whether or not they consider themselves spiritual, and showing up in the larger world as a vibrant active contributor. We will turn within to access the voice of our knower – the inner voice that speaks with clarity – as a platform to discern our path outward. Together we will draw upon a few varied but connected sources of spiritual wisdom (e.g., Yoga philosophy, Sufi, Judaism, “secular”) to increase our understanding of how we each fit into the bigger picture of Life.  We will seek to develop a tool kit to help us cope with the interplay of seemingly conflicting demands for attention to the inner self and to others we care about – be they humans, or our overall environment. These tools are embodied practice (yoga asana), and spiritual direction exercises that include meditation, contemplation with journaling, and deep listening. As a result of the workshop participants may learn to creatively assess what practices they are drawn to for inner exploration and how they may support themselves in the world of action. The workshop format provides a safe environment where participants can share their challenges and wisdom with each other. Practice will be led at a gentle/beginner level.

This workshop will meet online; Zoom meeting links to the workshop will be sent out before the workshop begins. Please enroll at least 12 hours in advance.

Date, Time and Location

Sunday, Jan 31, 2-4:30p, online

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