Yoga and Yogic Wisdom for Fierce Times: Nirvana through Samsara with Lakshmi Kanter

This series of workshops is designed for people feeling the tremendous energetic shifts occurring around the world, in our backyard, or within your being.

Ancient Yogic and Tantric wisdom offers physical and energetic practices that transform our relationship to losses, disappointments, and challenges.  

These gatherings will help you tap into deep healing, spaciousness, connectedness and resilience so that you can see with greater clarity, move forward with more fearlessness, trust more fully in your intuition, and surf the fierce phases of life with more grace.

Participants will explore methods to skillfully relate to tension, negative emotions, anger, anxiety, stress and depression that can get stuck in the body-mind.  These teachings empower us to shift our experience of reality from the inside out.

We will practice breathing techniques, yoga postures, guided relaxation, meditation, self-inquiry, and sacred listening.

All are welcome. Please bring a journal.

Date, Time and Location

Fridays, 1/25, 2/22, 3/29, 4/26 6:30-8:30p in Takoma Park

Registration Options

REGISTER $30.00 ea or all four for $100