Online Membership

Here at Willow Street, we want to support you. We want to support our community staying connected. We also want to be here when this virus has moved on. In light of these considerations, we have created the Online Membership. We urge you to join us in practice during this difficult and unprecedented time.

What does the Online Membership get me?

Joining our membership program gets you access to the robust schedule of live-streaming classes that your favorite Willow Street instructors are offering via Zoom. Once you are a member, you can attend as many of Willow Street’s online classes as you’d like!

How much does the Online Membership cost?

The new membership has a wide range of price options, all with equal access to our classes online. We want you to join us in practice, whether you can only afford the free option, or whether you can commit $108 monthly to keep us going through the crisis. And for our those of you who have generously asked to donate to Willow Street, we’ve created a $500 level to accommodate donations. Please choose the level of membership that best fits with your financial reality. Online Memberships will auto-renew one month after purchase.

I’m already a Willow Street member – what happens to my membership?

You are welcome to continue your current membership – you’ll have access to all our online classes! If one of the Online Membership levels is better for you, though, just send us an email and we’ll be happy to switch you over.

Have an Everyday Practice Membership, Weekly Plus Membership, or an active Rolling 10 Class Pass and didn’t receive an email with a link to our online class schedule? Let us know and we’ll get a link to you ASAP!

How do I sign up?

Simply choose the level that works best for you, and follow the link below!

We look forward to seeing you in (online) class!