Return to Your Center: A Three Day Teacher Renewal with Jason Crandell

If you’re a yoga teacher, your practice is no longer yours and yours alone. Your practice has most likely gotten tied up with your identity as a teacher and the challenges of making a living. Ironically, you might practice less consistently and intensely than you did before you taught. And, when you do make it onto your mat, it can be hard for you to find the steadiness of mind that you once achieved because you’re thinking about your sequences and what postures you’re going to teach your students this week. I’ve taught for 20 years and I don’t know a single teacher that hasn’t gone through the same challenges. I’ve been there myself, more than once.

That’s why I created this program.

This 3-day teacher’s program will return you to your centre and reconnect you to your practice. Think about this program as part retreat, part training, in the company of your peers.

In the mornings, you will be a student again and savor a strong, complete 3-hour vinyasa practice. No notes, no analysis—just practice. It’s time to make your practice a sanctuary again and remember why you fell in love with yoga in the first place. You’ll work at your physical edge, refine your technique, and inspire your practice.

In the afternoons, you will refine key components of your teaching that will distinguish yourself. You’ll also create practical strategies to manage the logistical challenges of earning a living as a teacher. In the afternoons, you will focus on:

Day 1: You will hone your sequencing. You’ll learn how to bring greater focus, consistency and purpose to your classes. You’ll learn the absolute essentials for creating consistent, compelling classes that reflect your values and help your students make progress. You’ll also learn how to structure an entire month of classes and build sequences for workshops. You’ll receive sample sequences for every posture group and two ‘master’ templates that teach you how Jason creates all of his classes.

Day 2: You will fine-tune your manual adjustments. You won’t learn any fancy new tricks, like how to use 7 belts, 4 partners, and the tip of your nose to manipulate down dog. But, you will make sure that you’re giving excellent, supportive adjustments that make your students feel
safe, secure and knowledgeable in their postures. You’ll learn the most effective, successful ways of adjusting key backbends, forward bends and inversions.

Day 3: You will refine your verbal cues. Concise, accurate, accessible verbal cuing is the key to being an effective teacher. In this session, you will learn to trust simple, clear language that everyone can understand. You’ll replace common teaching jargon, clichés, and filler-words with accessible teaching cues that will resonate with your students. You’ll make sure that your language is inspired, consistent, and accurate for every posture category. And you’ll receive advice on how much talking is too much and how much talking is insufficient.

Date, Time and Location

Wed, Oct 7, 8:30a–12:00p and 1:15p–5:00pm
Thu, Oct 8, 8:30a–12:00p and 1:15p–5:00pm
Fri, Oct 9, 8:30a–12:00p and 1:15p–5:00pm

Registration Options

REGISTER Full weekend: $450 (early bird: $375 by Sept 1)