Yoga Nidra and Chinese Medicine for Autumn Health

In Chinese medicine, autumn is the season of inspiration and elimination. What inspires you? Do you experience limited inspiration or so much of it that you can't sleep at night? And how about letting go? Do you find it easy, manageable, or difficult to release old sorrows, habits, and beliefs that no longer serve you? Just as the trees pull their energy in and release their leaves, so do we humans experience a naturally enhanced period of drawing inwards and letting go during the fall season.

In this meditative class series, we use an elixir of iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation, Chinese Medicine theory, and self-applied acupressure to ease the effects of the changing seasons, promote the health of our respiratory system and bowels, and replenish body, mind, and spirit before the frequently-hectic holidays and often-dreaded winter. (Everybody welcome. Please bring notepad and pen for your reflections as well as notes on easy take-home self-care tools).