Yoga for Survivors of Trauma

This series is focused for survivors of trauma - including abuse, disaster, accidents, heath issues or crime. Numerous studies have shown that yoga classes designed specifically for reduction of trauma¬óprograms that include regulated breathing, controlled movement and mindfulness practices¬ócan have far-ranging positive benefits for the participant. Cheryl, a graduate of the WSY Teacher Training Program, completed a Warriors at Ease training to teach Yoga and Meditation for Survivors. She has led yoga classes for members of the military and teaches yoga to survivors of elder abuse and caregivers. She received the Montgomery County Family Justice Center Outstanding Advocate award in 2016, and has provided support to victims of disaster and survivors of abuse. In addition, she was Executive Director of a civil rights organization for 16 years and worked with victims of injustice. Cheryl is a survivor of domestic violence and speaks and writes frequently about the topic for local and national audiences.