Ayurveda Basics with Penny Diamanti

Ayurveda translates as the science of life. It helps us discover who we truly are, and guides us toward becoming our happiest, healthiest, most effective, and most fulfilled self.

Whether as an introduction if you or new to Ayurveda or as a refresher if you are interested in taking other workshops, this session will:

– Describe the elements that make up our individual body/mind constitutions
– Give examples of how they manifest in our bodies and minds, at ease and under stress
– Discuss how diet, lifestyle, times of day, seasons, and more affect each constitution
– Explain the fundamental principles of Ayurvedic healing through opposites

Zoom meeting links to the workshop will be sent out before the workshop begins. Please enroll at least twelve hours in advance.

Date, Time and Location

Sunday, 6/14,  3–4pm

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