Power and Position of the Pelvis with Erica Robinson

This workshop will focus on the power the pelvis has through position. Learning how to place the pelvis in neutral alignment will help balance the spine.

While the body is designed to move through both anterior and posterior tilt and our pelvis and spine are supposed to be able to pass through all different tilts and curves, we must also be able to pass through and stabilize in neutral pelvis so the spine can benefit from being neutral. This allows for the most amount of space between each vertebra, as they are aligned in their natural curves. There is a a multitude of muscles that must be in balance with each other to keep up this dynamic stability of the pelvis.

In this workshop, we will explore these muscles and certain asanas that will assist in the strength, flexibility, and balance of these muscles, as well as which asanas are therapeutic for the lordosis or kyphosis prone. This ability to achieve neutral position with ease and grace will support a healthy posture, which also encourages a sense of purpose and healthy self esteem.

All levels welcome. In Silver Spring.

Date, Time and Location

Sat Nov 3 2018, 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM -- SS

Registration Options

REGISTER Per Person — $40.00


Erica teaches a dynamic vinyasa practice where she carefully instructs the integral alignment of each pose, while using creative sequencing and focusing on the breath. In this intelligent vinyasa class, geometry and architecture of each asana are a big part of her instruction, yet there is still time to find the flow and moving meditation often set to a curated musical playlist. Although this class can be challenging, it can also be modified for beginners. Strengthen the ability to focus better and sharpen the mind, while fine tuning your awareness, proprioception, intuition, and attention. There is often a fun and philosophical approach. It is always advised that you go at your pace, honor your capabilities, and listen to your body.

Erica is a native New Yorker and graduate of Howard University in D.C. as well as Laughing Lotus Yoga School and Kane School of Core Integration in NYC. She has studied with many great teachers including Schuyler Grant & Nikki Vilella of Kula Yoga Project in NYC.