Winter Solstice Moon Salutations and Restoratives with Tara Lemerise

Sun salutations, or surya namaskar, are a familiar set of poses designed to heat up and energize your body. Their lesser known counter-part, the moon salutations or chandra namaskar, sooth and calm you in preparation for a deep and settled rest. The winter solstice is a perfect time for us honor the energetic quieting inspired by the longest night of the year.

This two-hour workshop is focused on the moon salutations and followed by a few restful restorative postures. In Takoma Park.

Date, Time and Location

Fri, Dec 21, 2018: 6:30–8:30pm, in Takoma Park

Registration Options

REGISTER – $40.00


Tara Lemerise, E-RYT-200, fell in love with yoga in 1999 and has been teaching since 2005 after graduation from the Willow Street Yoga Center Teacher Training. She is known for offering clear, light-hearted, and encouraging instruction to students of all levels. From restorative postures to arm balances and everything in between, Tara helps her students delight in each moment, even the challenging ones. Her students leave feeling more joyful, more grounded, and more at ease after each class. To learn more about Tara, visit her website: