Living Yoga: Summer of Body Love with Natalie Miller

Women: it’s time.

Let’s stop trash-talking ourselves. Let’s evolve our self-talk and learn to disagree with our inner mean girl.

Let’s move in body-honoring ways. Let’s exercise because we love it, not because we “should.”

Let’s enjoy food, not obsess about it. Let’s eat for fuel and for fun, not to numb our feelings.

Let’s stop counting: pounds, inches, calories, steps, grams of carbohydrates. Let’s focus on qualities over quantities.

Let’s feel beautiful in our clothes, in our bathing suits, in our birthday suits.

Let’s get plenty of sleep.

Let’s figure out how to make plenty of time for self-care: for relaxing, for play, for eating, for moving, for dozing on the couch.

Let’s be empowered, self-honoring, body-loving women in the world. Let’s join the body-positive evolution.

Let’s do it together.

This 10-week Living Yoga Summer Project approaches the project of Body Love from myriad angles:

-Class each week includes creative, often sweaty, ALWAYS body-kind yoga and other movement, focused on helping us move our bodies with love and trust.

-During in-class group coaching sessions, we evolve our thinking about eating, exercise, self-care, body image, and muffin tops of all kinds.

-Each week, we take home extra motivation via self-coaching techniques and body-loving homework.

-Throughout the program, we supplement our evolving mindset with optional reading assignments.

-Between classes, we stay connected by sharing our joys and challenges in a private online forum.

-We make the most of summer magic through all manner of additional surprises, treats, and adventures.

In short? In this Summer Project, week by week, we love our bodies into greater wellbeing. And we create a supportive sisterhood – a feminist evolution – as we go.

Everybody welcome; a handful of scholarships are available.

Participants are welcome to make up missed sessions in other WSY classes, AND are eligible for the multi-class discounted rate for additional summer class registrations.

Date, Time and Location

Thu Jun 8 2017, 6:30 PM – 8:15 PM — TP

Registration Options

REGISTER Per Person — $495.00


Natalie Miller teaches inspiring, artful classes that encourage students to love and honor their whole selves. Her teaching blends creative, fluid sequencing with precise alignment instruction, and helps students to cultivate deeper body awareness and develop self-kindness. With eloquence and humor, Natalie’s classes inspire her students to use yoga for its best purposes: to be true to themselves, at peace with what is, and empowered in their own evolutions. In her Living Yoga programs, and as a life coach trained by Martha Beck, Natalie encourages students to create everyday lives in which they’re free to be who they are and do what they love. Her own practice is grounded in the extraordinary everyday of mothering three girls, living in vibrant Takoma Park, and co-directing Willow Street Yoga with her husband, Joe. Learn more about Natalie at