Personal Practice Immersion with Natalie Miller

You have experienced that yoga and meditation are supportive, empowering practices.

You have felt the clarity, courage, steadiness, and openness that can flow from a little time on your mat.

We don’t need to convince you of the value of integrating yoga and meditation into your everyday life through personal, self-led practice.

But we know you might want some help figuring out how to actually DO it.

This Personal Practice Immersion program is perfect for any and all of the following:

Dedicated practitioners wanting guidance, support, and gentle accountability in establishing or deepening daily yogic practices

People interested in practice that is both empowering and compassionate, disciplined and flexible

Students ready to deepen their studies, and maybe even curious about Yoga Teacher Training

Over the course of this Immersion, you will:

  • learn the basics of sequencing to become confident building supportive, balanced asana practices for yourself
  • explore essential concepts of yoga philosophy and how they enhance both your yoga and your way of being in the world
  • create a personalized breathing and meditation practice that supports your everyday life
  • use self-coaching techniques that empower you to make time for your practice – for yourself – every day.
  • practice svadhyaya – or self-study – to deepen your experience of life and all its blessings, both on and off the mat.

Immersion includes:

Ten 2-hour sessions (most Saturday mornings) that include balanced asana class, group discussion, in-class exercises that allow you to apply what you’re learning, and homework to integrate your studies into your everyday life.

A workshop on creating a home restorative yoga practice with Tara Lemerise (Sunday, 10/22 from 1-3p)

Enrollment in the Exploring Meditation Techniques six-week special with Joe Miller (Mondays, Nov 6 – Dec 10)

An instructor-led private online forum for between-class assignments, questions, connection, and accountability

We also offer an option for you to try out our new Unlimited Class Membership at a greatly reduced rate.


Date, Time and Location

Saturday, 9/16–Sat Dec 16 2017, 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM — Silver Spring

Registration Options

REGISTER Immersion only — $675.00
REGISTER Immersion with four-month unlimited classes membership — $1075.00


Natalie Miller teaches inspiring, artful classes that encourage students to love and honor their whole selves. Her teaching blends creative, fluid sequencing with precise alignment instruction, and helps students to cultivate deeper body awareness and develop self-kindness. With eloquence and humor, Natalie’s classes inspire her students to use yoga for its best purposes: to be true to themselves, at peace with what is, and empowered in their own evolutions. In her Living Yoga programs, and as a life coach trained by Martha Beck, Natalie encourages students to create everyday lives in which they’re free to be who they are and do what they love. Her own practice is grounded in the extraordinary everyday of mothering three girls, living in vibrant Takoma Park, and co-directing Willow Street Yoga with her husband, Joe. Learn more about Natalie at