Living Yoga: Nurturing Self-Trust with Natalie Miller

“Just trust yourself; then you will know how to live.” – Goethe

When you listen deep, deep down – underneath all the Shoulds – what is it that you really want in your one wild and precious life?

Maybe you want work that’s more fulfilling, but can’t muster the courage to go after a new gig.

Or you want more peace and joy at home, but keep getting drawn into hustle or struggle.

Or you are yearning to explore a different side of yourself, but seem always to be too relentlessly busy to give yourself the time and space to do so.

Maybe most of all, you want to ease up on the self-doubt and self-criticism, stop worrying so much and live already.


Self-trust is at the heart of courageous, dharmic living. It is your wellspring of confidence and conviction, and it grows stronger as you learn to tap into and rely upon all your inner resources.

This Fall’s Living Yoga helps you nurture self-trust by strengthening your connection to inner resources in myriad ways. Over 11 classes and two 1:1 coaching sessions, you will:

– Practice grounding, calming yoga and pranayama to settle your nervous system.
– Create a personalized meditation practice to center and ease your busy mind, and – most importantly – actually integrate this practice into your everyday life.
– Become proficient in self-coaching techniques that help you access body wisdom and inner knowing.
– Learn ways to stimulate your right brain, and benefit from the broader perspective and creative problem-solving that results.
– Become proficient using The Work, Byron Katie’s thoughtwork process that dissolves limiting beliefs, freeing and empowering your thinking.
– Enjoy the support of like-hearted community, both in weekly class and between classes, in a private online forum.
– Benefit from lots of coaching, both in our small group and in individual sessions.

Everyone is welcome, though spaces are limited. A handful of partial scholarships are available; please email to inquire.

Date, Time and Location

Thu, Sept 21 – Thu, Dec 7 (no class Nov 23), Takoma Park

Registration Options

REGISTER Registration — $575.00


Natalie Miller teaches inspiring, artful classes that encourage students to love and honor their whole selves. Her teaching blends creative, fluid sequencing with precise alignment instruction, and helps students to cultivate deeper body awareness and develop self-kindness. With eloquence and humor, Natalie’s classes inspire her students to use yoga for its best purposes: to be true to themselves, at peace with what is, and empowered in their own evolutions. In her Living Yoga programs, and as a life coach trained by Martha Beck, Natalie encourages students to create everyday lives in which they’re free to be who they are and do what they love. Her own practice is grounded in the extraordinary everyday of mothering three girls, living in vibrant Takoma Park, and co-directing Willow Street Yoga with her husband, Joe. Learn more about Natalie at