Welcome to Willow Street!

We offer classes in sessions – like semesters – so that you progressively build skills, strength, and flexibility. Attending the same class every week helps the instructor to get to know you and your practice better; our students tell us it also encourages commitment and builds camaraderie with classmates.

While we encourage you to attend the weekly class you’re registered in, we understand that life is busy! Our generous make-up policy allows you to make up missed classes in any other class that’s appropriate for your level. You’re welcome to make up any time during the session: in advance of an absence, or afterward.

Example: Mary registers for a 14-week session of Yoga I, Thursday nights at 8pm. She comes to class most Thursdays, but misses 3 classes for various reasons. She’s welcome to make up those 3 classes in any other class appropriate for her level, in either location, either before or after the absences occur. In a 14-week session, her full registration entitles her to take 14 classes.

We accept late registrations for almost all classes. Students registering after the session has begun pay pro-rated tuition (so if you register with 9 weeks left to go, you’ll only pay for 9 weeks of class).

Oh, and we gladly accept drop-ins! Please check in with the friendly folk at the front desk when you arrive to drop-in to a class.

Where to begin? Choosing the class that’s best for you.

We offer over 130 classes a week! Here are some tips for selecting the right class for you:

And here’s a special deal for new students: purchase a Discovery Pass at the desk to receive 5 classes for only $79! This is the perfect way to try many of the different offerings Willow Street has to offer.