Moving Well with Healthy Spine and Joints with Maria Hamburger

A healthy spine is a fluidly moving one. In this workshop, we will learn how to access the different sections of the spine to move with more freedom, support and comfort. Articulation of each segment of the spine is the first step to engaging and strengthening the core stomach muscles that in turn support the vertical column that is critical to moving well through life.

We will also address joint stability and mobility through controlled articular rotation (CARS). This is an efficient and healthy system for bringing active rotational movement to all the joints in the body. In our daily lives, we tend to limit our joint mobility, leaving gaps and weakening unused portions of our joints. Through the mindful rotation of our joints, we will build greater joint health and overall movement facility.

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Date, Time and Location

Sat, 5/18, 1:30–4p, in Silver Spring
Sun, 5/19, 1:30–4p, in Silver Spring

Registration Options

REGISTER $130 for the full weekend; $75 single day