Living Yoga: Relating with Love and Integrity

Relating with Love and Integrity to Free Ourselves & Save the World (!)

Relating with Love and Integrity
to Free Ourselves & Save the World (!)

For many of us, yoga begins on the sticky mat. It brings us out of our heads and into our bodies, out of our momentum and into the present moment.

As we become more conscious of our bodies, more observant of our inner dialogues, and more aware of the present moment, we become more interested in the way we’re choosing to be. We gain new insight into how much tension we’re holding, how we approach a challenge, and how we tend to treat ourselves and others.

We begin to experience glimmers of yoga in the everyday: moments of feeling empowered to be more fully ourselves, of being truly present, of feeling deeply connected to the world and grateful for this gift of life. And this is so powerful, so freeing, that we want to learn how to help it happen more.

Living Yoga is an immersive study experience that supports bringing the insight gleaned through yoga practice, and the wisdom of the yoga tradition, more fully into our everyday living. In our second Living Yoga program— Relating with Love and Integrity, to Free Ourselves & Save the World (!)—we’ll focus on a yogic approach to relationship, big and small. We’ll examine how the yoga tradition asks us to think about relationships both intimate and global, beginning with the yamas and niyamas of Patanjali’s eight-limbed path of yoga, considering the Buddhist-influenced approach of lovingkindness, and then heading toward an elemental, Ayurvedic way of considering ourselves and our interactions with others. Importantly, though, Living Yoga has a living curriculum: readings and avenues of study will attune to students’ interests.

Program Logistics

The heart of Living Yoga is a weekly class that pairs a well-rounded yoga practice (including asana, pranayama, meditation, and mantra) with self-reflection and conversation in a diverse and supportive community. Reading assignments and connection via social media help to bridge and supplement our weekly meetings.

Complementing weekly class are five weekend workshops that delve deep into specific topics, offering students an experience of a retreat-like intensive study.

As a whole, the program offers yogis practical ways and ample inspiration with which to integrate yoga into daily life. We offer various registration options (see below) so that students may tailor their studies to their interests. Students with at least one year of yoga practice in any tradition are welcome to enroll. Spaces are limited, so prompt registration is highly recommended.

Program Schedule

Weekly Class w/Joe & Natalie Miller Sundays, 2:30-4:30p in Takoma Park: Oct 6, 2013- May 18, 2014 (26 classes total) Weekly class does not meet Dec 1, Dec 29, or Sundays of program workshops. Missed classes may be made up in regularly scheduled WSY classes. LY students’ additional class registrations at WSY are eligible for the multi-class rate.

Yoga of Engagement
Betsey Downing
Nov 1-3, 2013
Yogis have a unique opportunity in the unfolding shift in consciousness sweeping the planet. Never have we been so close to environmental and institutional collapse. Never have we had so much power and potential to co-create our world. Never have the stakes been higher. While this circumstance can sometimes feel overwhelming, if the purpose of life is, as Terry Patten has stated, meaning and relevance, we’ve hit the jackpot! Join Betsey for a weekend of important conversation and excellent yoga: we’ll begin each session with lecture and discussion, then enjoy a practice to help embody and integrate our insights.

In the Thick of It: Mythology Immersion
Bernadette Birney and Emma Magenta

Dec 7-8, 2013
Emma and Bernadette share stories, asana, and conversation that help us to pull practical insight out of marvelous tales. In Beggars, Lovers, and Priests, they tell of a mysterious stranger who arrives in a well-ordered town, asking us to explore the line between order and stagnation, and between passion and chaos. In The Serpent and the Tiger, they dive into the quality of yearning that dwells deep in the hearts of people and gods alike, and how we can harness its power. Asana is geared to Level I/II+, but can be made suitable for all levels.

May I Be Happy: Yoga and Meditation
Cyndi Lee
Jan 31-Feb 2, 2014
Happiness is our birthright; yet, amazingly, many of us aren’t sure what it feels like, how to recognize it, or most importantly, that we even deserve to be happy. Just as no one else can do your yoga for you or meditate for you, no one else can make you happy either. Taking responsibility for our own happiness is how we get familiar with compassion and understanding, in turn helping us to be better friends, parents, children, worldly people. This workshop will use Maitri — traditional Lovingkindness practice — as the framework for asana and meditation sessions. Through dharma talks, guided meditations, discussions and journaling, Cyndi will offer inspiring reminders that we already have everything we need to experience happiness, health, a sense of safety and ease every single day of our lives.

Ayurveda for Yoga Practice
Matthew Remski
Mar 7-9, 2014
Yoga has its own medicine — Ayurveda  — which seeks to illuminate our ecology, and to harmonize with it. The language of Ayurveda connects desires to the tissues, digestion to will, fertility to joy, and the body to the seasons. Matthew leads a series of sessions that help students to use Ayurveda to support balance both in yoga practice and in daily living. In addition to presenting simple assessment tools for exploring the constitutions of ourselves and others, Matthew speaks to daily routine as self-care, finding digestive ease by building a supportive diet, and practicing asana through the lens of Ayurveda.

The Ethics of the Physical Body
Maria Cristina Jimenez
May 2-4, 2014
In this workshop, Maria Cristina leads us in discovering the teachings that lie within the body. We will learn about the structure of the skeleton and how it relates to being and becoming. We will look at the layers of the body and see how they relate to society and desire. We will look at the structure of the cell and let it inspire us towards self love and universal love. We will look at the way we developed in the womb as a guide to living our lives fully. To fascia and it’s nature of connection and differentiation as an invitation to live life in this world while also taking care of ourselves and our individuality. This workshop is designed to help you fall in love even more with the body, reminding you that you carry rich mythology, philosophy and ethics within.

Registration Options

  • Full Program: Weekly Class (26 weeks) plus 5 weekends: $1,475
  • Class plus 4 weekends: $1,375
  • Class plus 3 weekends: $1,250

Tuition above is pay-in-full; students electing to pay in two installments (credit card only) pay half upon enrollment and half on January 15, 2014. A 5% administrative fee will be added to the total and split between the installments.

Weekend transfer requests must be submitted to the Registrar 48 hours before the start of the weekend. Refunds are pro-rated and subject to a 20% administrative fee.

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