We know that our students and our community benefit from more yoga, and we want to enable you to practice more!

Everyday Practice Members enjoy:

  • Registration in one CORE class “homeroom”
  • Unlimited additional classes
  • 20% off workshops and Living Yoga programs
  • additional “surprise” benefits each month


How it works:

  • stop by our desk to sign up – you’ll get a membership card to keep – or sign-up online!
  • pay a rolling $159 each month
  • choose your Core class – you’ll be added to your instructor’s roster each session (transfer at any time)
  • attend unlimited classes – just stop at the desk to sign in, and bring your membership card with you to class!


The fine print:

  • Visa / Mastercard accepted – please contact the Registrar to change payment info
  • memberships renew automatically based on the date of purchase – no extra paperwork required
  • memberships are non-transferrable
  • no commitment period – cancel at any time (30-days notice, please, and paid months aren’t refunded)
  • canceled memberships can be re-initiated at the current rate only
  • one 30-day “pause” allowed in each 12-month period (with 30-days notice, please)
  • medical suspensions are available for serious illness or injury with a doctor’s note. Requests must be received in writing by the registrar, are not retroactive, and include an admin fee
  • memberships do not include kids’ classes or pregnancy classes
  • Yoga for Special Conditions is included as a Core class only



I’d like to sign-up for membership, but it’s the middle of the month.

A: No problem! Your membership will be active and renew as of the date you sign-up (start on the 15th? You’ll be charged the 15th of next month).


I’m currently registered in a class for the session. Can I join the membership program?

A: Yes – please just either stop by the desk or email the registrar to transfer your registration into an unlimited membership. Yes, your payment to this point will be applied towards membership costs!


I’d like to be a member, but I can’t decide on a Core class.

A: Take your time! Your Core class is simply one you find yourself in week after week, one that anchors and sustains your practice, in which you always want to KNOW you have a spot.

You can always change your Core class registration – just let the front desk know, or drop the Registrar a line.

And yes, your Core class can be a six-week special, too.


I know I’m going to be away for a while. Can I pause my membership?

A: We recommend keeping your membership going – you’ll still receive monthly surprise benefits that you can use when you return! If pausing is best for you, we will suspend your membership and payment for 30 days, then re-initiate at your current rate, once per year.


I’d like to be a member, but currently take the Special Conditions and Injuries class. Am I eligible?

A: Yes! If your Core class is Special Conditions and Injuries, you are eligible for membership! Note that this class is not open for members to drop-into, however.