Yoga I/II

For continuing students who have completed Yoga I. Emphasis on building endurance and introducing Yoga II standing poses. Suitable for students who have studied other styles of Yoga, but NOT suitable for those who have never studied Yoga before.

All Yoga I/II Classes for Summer 2018

Yoga I/IILisaMondays6:15pm-7:45pmTP: 2
Yoga I/IISuzieTuesdays6:15pm-7:45pmSS: 1
Yoga I/IIJoeWednesdays7:45pm-9:15pmTP: 2
Yoga I/IIBitaWednesdays10:15am-11:45amTP: 2
Yoga I/IIStephanieWednesdays7:45pm-9:00pmSS: 2
Yoga I/IIMariaWednesdays10:00am-11:30amSS: 1
Yoga I/IIDianaThursdays7:30am-8:30amSS: 2
Yoga I/IIShereeThursdays10:00am-11:30amSS: 1
Yoga I/IITaraThursdays8:00pm-9:15pmTP: 2
Yoga I/IIMariaSaturdays8:30am-10:00amSS: 1
Yoga I/IITaraSaturdays9:00am-10:30amTP: 2
Yoga I/IINatalieSundays10:45am-12:15pmSS: 1
Yoga I/IIStephanieSundays9:00am-10:15amTP: 1