Yoga I

Yoga I introduces beginning and continuing students to principles of alignment and breathwork, primary poses and yoga basics, including use of props. Emphasis on standing poses and opening the shoulders.

All Yoga I Classes for Summer 2018

Yoga ICherylMondays8:00pm-9:15pmTP: 1
Yoga IJoeMondays7:45pm-9:00pmSS: 1
Yoga IShereeTuesdays9:45am-11:15amTP: 1
Yoga IDianaTuesdays10:00am-11:15amSS: 1
Yoga IBitaWednesdays12:00pm-1:00pmTP: 2
Yoga ILisaWednesdays7:45pm-9:00pmSS: 1
Yoga ITaraSaturdays10:45am-12:15pmTP: 2
Yoga IMariaSaturdays10:15am-11:45amSS: 1
Yoga IGalenSundays9:30am-11:00amSS: 2
Yoga IStephanieSundays10:30am-11:45amTP: 1