Mindful Yoga and Meditation

This class features slow-moving, mindful asana with integrated pranayama (breathwork) and meditation. Its deliberate, deep nature takes basic asana unflinchingly into the fire of inner awareness, burning away that which distracts or hinders so we can sit more deeply in the source of our own well-being. Everyone welcome.

All Mindful Yoga and Meditation Classes for Spring 2018

Mindful Yoga and MeditationPhilipTuesdays9:30am-11:00amTP: 1B
Mindful Yoga and MeditationPhilipTuesdays6:30am-7:30amTP: 1A
Mindful Yoga and MeditationPhilipThursdays6:15am-7:15amSS: 2
Mindful Yoga and MeditationMelissaSaturdays9:00am-10:15amSS: 3
Mindful Yoga and MeditationPhilipSundays10:15am-11:30amTP: 1B