Yoga and Meditation to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease with Carol Mermey and Cheryl Kravitz

Yoga and Meditation to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease with Carol Mermey and Cheryl Kravitz

The number of Americans living with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is growing rapidly and there is no magic bullet or pill to cure this debilitating disease which take a toll on 1 our of 10 people and their families. Both workshop leaders have been certified by the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation which focuses on life-style changes known as the 4 Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention: (1) Diet (2) Stress Management with Yoga and Meditation, (3) Physical and Mental Exercise, (4) Socialization / Spiritual Fitness. We’ll provide an overview of AD and some of the latest scientific research on preventative life-style choices that can improve brain health. You’ll learn breath, movement, and meditation practices to improve memory, brain function, sleep, and psychological well-being, and on the other hand counteract disease causing inflammation. We’ll be provide exercises for home practice, including the Kirtan Kriya, a 12 minute practice that includes breath work, chanting, finger movements (mudras), and visualization that has been shown in scientific studies to engage the whole brain and increase cerebral brain flow.

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Sat, 2/23, 2-5p, in Takoma Park

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Carol Mermey, RYT 500, MPH, iRest Yoga Nidra Level II and retired IT Project Manager, has been teaching yoga since 2004. She is certified in Dr. Loren Fishman’s Method of Yoga for Osteoporosis and Baxter Bell’s Yoga for Healthy Aging, and is a graduate of the Duke/Kripalu Integrative Yoga for Seniors Professional Training. Her carefully sequenced classes offer a welcoming environment and provide healthy alignment techniques for students to develop strength, flexibility, balance, as well as to reduce stress and promote a general sense of well-being and empowerment.

Carol is a graduate of the Willow Street Yoga Teacher Training Program at in Takoma Park, MD, trained in Anusara Yoga, and studies with Rod Stryker (ParaYoga). She offers trainings for yoga teachers and YTTs in Teaching Yoga to Seniors, provides yoga training to high school athletes, and offers yoga for pain management sessions at a health care facility. She encourages her students to find the right balance between ease and effort in their practice.

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Cheryl Kravitz, APR, CFRE, RYT200. Cheryl is a graduate of the Willow Street Yoga Teacher Training Program and received additional certification to teach yoga to survivors of trauma, restorative yoga and yoga for brain longevity. She teaches specialized yoga to people with injuries, survivors of abuse, individuals with dementia and caregivers. She has taught yoga to college students with learning differences, members of the military and, with a translator, individuals whose first language is not English.

Meeting people where they are on the mat and throughout life is Cheryl’s mantra. She learned early on that yoga is a universal language and has found the practice resonates with the diversity of students she teaches. Her classes and workshops are infused with humor and compassion.